May 23, 2008

Something For Everyone, or How I Learned To Accept the SMOOSH.

I was just laying awake (with a throat-lump, a belated gift courtesy of Chris) thinking about how everything - even the Most Boring Of Subjects - is interesting to someone out there.

Last night I went to a lecture for Toronto's Festival of Architecture and Design called Circle in the Square architecture. I mistakenly thought that it would contextualize this form, or use the form as a way of better understanding Byzantine architecture. But it was just a guy showing examples of churches constructed as circles in squares. Nothing more. For some reason, he's really into them. He couldn't talk about them philosophically, or compare them to other forms. Needless to say, it was Very Boring.

But, sitting in front of me, was the official Weirdest Lady of the Week.

She seemed to be having secret conversations with the painted saints (in the church where the lecture was held). Some of them were obviously telling her jokes, as she'd listen to what they had to say, make a few whimsical hand gestures, and then double over in joyous laughter. Others received admonition from her - she actually wagged her finger at them. This went on for the entire lecture. It was awesome. Near the end of the lecture, she put on her earphones and started to dance.

Sartorially, the had chosen to wear a Scrunchie Made Out Of Synthetic Hair (or SMOOSH), which has, and will to continue, to offend me greatly:

(This is a particularly vulgar example).

But, I tell you, never did a SMOOSH seem so right. Something for everyone.

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J. said...

I came this close:

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To buying you a Missoni smoosh for your birthday! Crisis thankfully averted.