June 30, 2010

I blame it all on getting married.

It's true that I haven't posted anything here for around 40 years (give or take). It's not that I didn't want to - it's just that everything I was making & doing centered around getting ready for my wedding, and I wanted to keep some of those elements a surprise.

So now it's done! And it's still a bit difficult to process for me. I'm so happy with all of the little details, and some of the moments were so special. The ceremony itself was definitely the most important and beautiful aspect of the day, hands down, but I was still left with a guilty feeling about how much it all cost.

(The ceremony, featuring paper birds mom & I made. And thanks to Mike McPhaden for the beautiful photos!)

Anyway, going to France for a few weeks helped to settle me down (thank you to Adrienne for the beautiful and free apartment!). Since we've been back, I've been able to settle in and get my new projects started. And I've also started possibly the slowest cleaning-of-the-apartment process ever known. We have to find a home for so many lovely things in so little space! Including some of the decorations we made for the wedding, like this little bicycle vignette:

And some new pottery pieces that we bought at Coriander Girl. Alison did the flowers for the wedding and I cannot recommend her highly enough. We knew each other through drama classes that we took as teens, and she's fun, and talented, and uses ethically grown flowers. We'll post some pictures when we get them.

My sweet friend Robyn gave us her old bed, so we finally got it together and hung up our art.

And here are the programs that we made. I painted & designed them, and Chris cut them all out by hand, rounded corners and everything.

And the invites. Which we were so happy with! I hand-painted the illustrations, scoured the free font sites, sewed the invites together (using paper from The Paper Place and Michaels), and hand lined the envelopes. It was so much fun.

I have so much more to tell you! But am off to The Remarkable Bean, which I hear is fantastic.