May 14, 2008

Ugly Pants: A Comparative Case Study

I don't mean to be negative on this thing, but I have come across a pair of pants that are so confounding in their ugliness that I have to share them. It also brings me to an ongoing bit of confusion, which is why one is drawn to the ugliest of things because it seems cool, when it makes one look horrific. Oh fashion, I have so many questions for you.

Anyway, I came across Artifact #1 while walking in Tribeca, minding my own business:

Let me do the run-down, in case your eyes were seared by the badness of it all: they are nude, they are onesies (or so it seems - they cover her feet. I now repent all of the times that I've wished for adult onesies), and they have a giant piece of drapey fabric, presumably beginning at the crotchal region, just hanging around. I guess just in case.

After seeing this, I put out a challenge to my friends to find worser pants. Only my friend Mike, brave as he is, submitted a photo:

Okay, yes, this is very bad. I think we can all agree on this. But here's the thing - Nude Crotch Pant was trying to be fashionable. She was young, she was cute. America Pant, I believe, lives outside of the world of fashion, and is maybe just overzealous in her Need To Show The World How Much She Loves Her Country.

So the challenge still stands.


zoe said...

oh boy....some things should never have been made...let alone worn...out of the house...especially while doing what looks like some type of line dance at a local community event...

WendyB said...

"American Pant" - LOL!