January 4, 2009

Sweet Junebug and the New Years Dress.

Well happy new year! What a nice little year I've had so far.

Last week I made my first official visit to Frank Gehry's newly redesigned AGO, and it's ding-danging amazing. Not the collection, so much, but the space itself is beautiful and some of the curating is really very effective. It makes me like the city just a little bit more.

AGO Walker Court, Photo by Sean Weaver

Mostly, though, I've been sewing constantly, thanks so my new machine ,Junebug, and her mesmerizing charms. Oh! And after doing a bit of research, I found a great shop in Parkdale that offers classes and the best little fabric selection in town. I was nearly apoplectic. It's called The Workroom, and it's definitely worth a visit.

So far I've made a skirt (which I'll post about when I have a decent picture) and this dress, made from what I consider to be some of the most beautiful fabric IN THE WORLD. EVER. It's quite heavy, and probably not really appropriate for a dress, but I couldn't resist and made this little structured thing with it.

The fabric is grey with hand-drawn blossoms in light grey and gold metallic. And love. By Hinemosu Notari.

And next: a dress made with seahorses and octopi. For real. I can barely contain myself.