March 7, 2010

My feet could never point well enough to even consider ballet.

I love ballet clothes. I remember in high school, my friend Sarah and I would do some of our shopping at the giant dance wear store downtown. Nothing much has changed. A month ago I hopped across the street to the National Ballet school and raided their store.

It's hard to find a good ballet wrap sweater these days. I just saw this in the new Anthropologie catalog, and I think it is a perfect candidate for potential sweatership.

A few weeks ago, we headed to Montreal for a quick weekend vacation, and we were both sick for much of the time, but I did have just enough time to stumble across (gasp) - a whole store dedicated to ballet shoes. There may have been some hyperventilation. Here are some of my favourites from their website.

This was Chris' favourite pair:

I think these last two are my personal favourites:

Okay, well, thanks for indulging me. Happy Sunday!