November 19, 2009

Le Butter Dish.

What's with butter dishes being so awesome lately? I mean seriously:

Peanut butter dish & Crown butter dish by Rae Dunn. Delightful.

Cow butter dish.
Whale butter dish by Jonathan Adler. This would be mine if it weren't $70. Which is too much for a butter dish. At this point in my life.

The winner! Thanks Anthropologie, you always come through for me.

And I actually need one of these things in my life. The plate with a smoosh of warm butter on it is no longer pleasing me. The little bits of bread left over in the butter are pretty great, though.

November 16, 2009

Arts & Science.

Here's what looks like an amazing & perfectly curated store (for boys and girls!) , called Arts & Science. Hey, I like arts! And science!

Here are photos of the stores, which are in Japan, from what I can tell. 

Shoes & Accessories:

Men's store:

What looks like an apothecary:
And here are some amazing things I found on their website. I don't know how you can buy any of these things, but I'm happy just to swoon for now.


Men's manicure set:

I have a feeling that I'd be pretty happy living in the store. Or maybe having it as my winter home, with Anthropologie as my summer vacation spot. I still have to work out some of the details.

November 9, 2009


Sometimes I make breakfast.

Sometimes Chris makes breakfast.

Chris is pretty fun.

November 2, 2009

Fall Shoes.

Hello! In honour of fall, and of it having been really cold this weekend, I'm sharing some fall footwear that I'd be more than happy to own.

These last ones are basically the same as the grey ones I bought last fall, but I love them so much that I dream about owning them in every colour. Ridiculous.