March 30, 2008

Friday Thrifting.

Okay, so Trish and I do a magazine exchange (which saves us both lots o money) and today she brought the March Issue of In Style over. And I happened to notice, while flipping through, a necklace which looks remarkably similar to one that I bought on Friday for .99 cents. I call it my space necklace because I totally look like a space stewardess when I'm wearing it.

Cool, eh?

I picked up some other finds, including these blue clip-on earrings, also for .99 cents.

So that's pretty good.

March 27, 2008

Oh, It Hurts!

Sometimes when I see what may be the prettiest thing ever, I get a hot stomach. Sometimes I even get genuine heart palpitations . I think this may mean that I have a legitimate problem with shopping etc. Anyway, it totally happened when I saw this dress.

I'm just not sure that it could be more perfect.

Charles Nolan, way too expensive for the likes of me. Photo from

Tuesday Night.

My cab ride home. The driver is telling me about Indian Dance, the different forms he knows of, various bits of history…he tells me about a dance that’s done out of happiness, as a celebration. At festivals? I ask. He says Yes! He couldn’t remember the word ‘Festival’. He tells me about a dance that only sick people do, which I find interesting. Silence. He looks at my face in the rearview mirror. No, Sikh People! Sikh People! he says. We laugh and laugh.

March 24, 2008

Easter Sunday.

I don't believe in much, but I do believe in chocolate. We had a little egg hunt in our apartment. I have discovered that I'm not particularly good at finding things.

We ate a few of the eggs and then passed right out from sugarcoma. It was great. 

Jacket: Brooklyn Industries, Skirt: Michael Kors, Blouse (which needs some pressing, it seems): Vintage

Some things I've found.

After a very recent discovery of eBay and its wonders, I've added some lovely things to my already vulgar (in its size) collection of clothing and accessories.

- A perfect pair of vintage Salvatore Ferragamo navy bow shoes!
- A ridiculous YSL walnut scarf. Some have told me that they resemble little brains. Either way, it's deeply awesome.
- Blue and fluorescent orange buffalo printed fabric for Chris' man-drawer. (Filled with an assortment of manly things).
- Bright green faux-croc bag.


Flowers and Bugs. For Spring!

I am always a fan of wearable florals, and occasionally popular fashion and my own style meet somewhere and shake hands. Or sometimes they even hug. So I'm happy about the return of florals for spring.

Here's my wee brooch collection, each of whom is ready to make another appearance this season. When it's still this cold I like to use brooches to fasten my scarves.

Fantastic vintage judy courtesy of mum. She (the judy) normally wears Chris' Liverpool FC scarf.

Christening the Balcony.

It was almost warm enough in Toronto to get out on the balcony this weekend. I mean, to step onto it for a few minutes. Not to, like, eat a meal and do fun spring things.

I've been very grumpy about the weather. My rebellion tactic is to dress as though it's spring anyway. I totally think it's gonna work.

Jacket: Vintage, Vest: Club Monaco, Dress: Consignment, Necklace: Saks Off 5th. 


I love this skirt. I really do. But I always have trouble, or lose confidence, when I put it on, as it tends to create pseudo-bloat. Here it is on a sunny day this past weekend.

Skirt: Anthropologie, Shoes: Enzo, Necklace: Vintage

March 20, 2008

Old Man Style.

When I originally thought about starting one of these puppies, I really wanted to explore the rich world of old man fashion and what makes it so deliriously awesome. I have since decided that a.) that's a bit of a narrow subject in which to write about and b.) it might be a wee bit weird, but I would like to begin my adventures with a tip of my hat to charming old men, and the wonderful things that they wear.

I think this particular obsession of mine lives somewhere in my unhealthy romance with nostalgia. But it's also that I'm impressed by the simple elegance of the old man. How he may have nowhere in particular to go, but it's still important for him to look smart. He takes great pride in being well put together; it's not an embarrassment to him to enjoy a beautiful suit or a pink shirt. I guess I miss this in folks that are my own age.

Anyway, I'm planning to interview some old men about their style and to feature them from time to time as a sort of inspiration.