June 29, 2008

Somtimes I think I'm smiling but I guess I'm not.

I took this while waiting for the elevator. That's why it's such a good shot. I swear I was happier on the inside.

Dress & Belt: H&M, Blouse: UO, Shoes: Unisa, Sunglasses: Forever 21, Bag: Virginia Johnson

June 28, 2008

Crocodiles! Sailboats! Tiny Dressers!

I saw this girl on the subway yesterday, and I just love love the print on her dress. It reminds me of a favourite local designer, Virginia Johnson (if you live in Toronto and have quite a bit of extra money, visit her store on Ossington). A graduate of Parsons, she designed bags & shoes for Helmut Lang for a time. She has also illustrated a few books for Kate Spade. Her designs are simple, sweet and elegant.

Here's my prized Virginia Johnson giant tote bag that I won at a silent auction. It's huge, and people sometimes make fun of me for carrying it, but my love for it will not die.

The bag is sitting on top of a tiny doll dresser that Chris and I bought today for our place. We've named her Mary Shelley and her job is to hold our telephone. So far she's been outstanding.

Here's some more stuff from Virginia Johnson. A lovely tunic:

A scarf. Printed with crocodiles! It's expensive, but it's almost worth it.
Another scarf! Printed with tiny sailboats.
Which scarf do you like better? I can't decide. Halp!

June 26, 2008

Even if you can only sew a little bit

I've been an advocate of re-buttoning clothing for years now. It's so simple and cheap, and it can take a garment from looking mass-constructed to one-of-a-kind. And it makes me feel that my clothing is really mine - that it's an expression of myself, a personal piece. 

I was reading the wonderful blog The Sunday Best, and was happy to see that Thomas is an advocate of this practice as well.

Here are some lovelies that I found this morning.

The first are hand-covered "Klimt" buttons. So much Klimt lately! And there's a wonderful spread on Klimt-inspired textiles and pieces in this month's British Vogue.

Hand-covered Koi Carp buttons. I love these and I may have to get them for some yet-undetermined project. 

These aren't really buttons, they're ponytail holders, but I now have a crush on both of these little ladies so I had to feature them

This is a weird one - a carved, hand-tinted bone mermaid button - but I lurve it. I used to have issues with mermaids (i.e., I sincerely thought I was one). There was once an occasion in Florida, where I sat on my grandparents' balcony overlooking the pool and actually shed tears because I wasn't a mermaid. Maybe this button would resolve some deep-seated issues? 

A sweet geometric, sure to make any shirt or dress way more better.

Klimt & Koi buttons: Shunklies, Matroyoshka ponytail holders: Creamrose, Vintage buttons: vintagebuttons.net

June 23, 2008

O Canada.

So this is exciting: I've found a few really wonderful Canadian designers just in time for Canada Day, thanks to Zink magazine.

The first is Montreal-based Renata Morales, whose delicately folded and artfully expressed pieces have been deeply influenced by her practice as a painter. I wasn't able to post images from the '08 seasons, but here are some beautiful shots from '07 - that scream Klimt to me.

And I'm charmed by the work of Vancouver-based Pyrrha, by jewelers Wade Pepin and Danielle Wilmore. Their pieces are based on antique wax seals, and each hold a special meaning based on their symbolism. And they make things fer boys and girls. 

This one is Noah's Ark, and the seal reads Good times follow the rain:

And another lovely - sterling silver Cherub Seal Pendant, which reads L'espoire me reste dans l'orage.

(These two pendants are both under $200, although there are some fantastical pieces that are well, well above my price range.)

I will celebrate these creations while eating a jumbo hot dog on Canada Day next week. Although I suspect that two hot dogs would more appropriately mark the occasion.

Stay tuned for more; I haven't even finished reading the issue yet!

June 22, 2008


Chris and I have been pretty busy lately, so we decided that we'd take the day to drive around outside of the city and just relax. We ended up at a few lovely beaches and towns, but I especially loved this spot, partly for its sheer beauty, partly for the mist and partly for the high density of cutest old men (none of whom I was able to capture on camera).

Well, I guess I almost captured one:

Pretty nice, hey?

I just wish that there was even one almost decent radio station to listen to. Can anyone tell me why radio is so effing bad?

Anyway, we're going to try for another driving day next weekend.

Top: Banana Republic, Vest: Zara, Skirt: Mendocino, Scarf: from my childhood, Sunglasses (which are awesome): Forever 21.

June 20, 2008

I totally made this.

Trish and I started our sewing class a few weeks ago, and it's been wonderful. We've graduated from making seams to making actual things. So here's the first real thing I made:

A little drawstring bag. And to think that three weeks ago I couldn't even thread a sewing machine. Trish and I are going shopping this afternoon to buy fabric for our upcoming skirt project. Eek!

Drawstring bag made by me; Jewelry drawer that clearly needs some loving.

It's been a while.

Sorry about that, yo. But I finally have a bit of time and I got my camera battery recharger back from the hotel at which I left it, so I can totally make love to the camera again. Or whatever.

White bead necklace: handed down from mum, Silver necklace: from a store in Aix-en-Provence, White metal necklace: Forever 21.

June 10, 2008

Free Fun.

I'm working on this neat-o project, which is why I have been and will continue to be a bit scarce over the next few days. But if you're in Toronto over the weekend and would like some free fun, you should swing by. I'll wear something nice. I promise.

June 5, 2008

All My Sarahs.

So sorry for the break. I got sick and then I got sick again and then this wonderful play is happening now and I've been at that a lot. You should really see it if you are in Toronto.

Anyway, all three of my best Sarahs are getting married soon. Sarah S is first up and I've been searching for a bridesmaid dress for her 'do' for some time now. We've been asked to find a dress in the colour of a wildflower, with contrasting coloured shoes. I am most definitely a fan of bridesmaids looking like people, as opposed to decorations. And Sarah definitely embraces this approach.

Speaking of which, I was reading some sort of Q & A about bridesmaids on the Martha Stewart blog and the advice being doled out, again and again, was basically that if the bride wants the bridesmaids to look ugly and wear expensive putrifying dresses, that's cool. It's her day. It's all about her and you just gots to shut up. Even if the event is costing you thousands of dollars.

Why would a bride want their friends to look like shit, other than the obvious reason of making sure that no one else takes away from her on the day? Horrific. I'm so glad that my Sarahs are so awesome.

Anyway, here's what I gots:
This dress by David Meister looks red, but the colour is called Melon because it totally looks melon-coloured in real life. It also looks somewhat boring on the scary mutant mannequin, whereas I'd like to think that it looks somewhat awesome on me.

Here are the shoes, from Aldo: