October 29, 2008

One thing that's kept me so busy.

Yeah, okay, so I've been really busy. But I'm sort of settling back into things now. I've got a new job working with an amazing commercial/editorial photographer, and I've been working on a number of projects over the past month.

Here's one of the many projects: our submission to the Toronto Film Challenge. The challenge this go-around was to create a horror film in 24 hours (from start to finish). We also had to incorporate a phrase ("Welcome Back"), a prop (the jar of horror) and a theme (suspense).

While some of the other submissions were of very high quality, not many groups actually tried to make a scary movie. Most made satires of cliche horror films. So we were doubly proud of ours. Here's our effort!

We've also just received a grant to continue working on a theatre project, and will likely be contributing a theatre/film piece to a festival this summer. It's such a relief when hard work pays off a bit.

But more importantly, I need advice. Which pair of shoes would win, if they were in some sort of eternal battle?

I like the snaziness of the first pair, and I like their asymmetrical front profile, but I also really like the simplicity of pair 2. Both are campers, which mean they're the most comfortable things ever. Please advise.