June 5, 2008

All My Sarahs.

So sorry for the break. I got sick and then I got sick again and then this wonderful play is happening now and I've been at that a lot. You should really see it if you are in Toronto.

Anyway, all three of my best Sarahs are getting married soon. Sarah S is first up and I've been searching for a bridesmaid dress for her 'do' for some time now. We've been asked to find a dress in the colour of a wildflower, with contrasting coloured shoes. I am most definitely a fan of bridesmaids looking like people, as opposed to decorations. And Sarah definitely embraces this approach.

Speaking of which, I was reading some sort of Q & A about bridesmaids on the Martha Stewart blog and the advice being doled out, again and again, was basically that if the bride wants the bridesmaids to look ugly and wear expensive putrifying dresses, that's cool. It's her day. It's all about her and you just gots to shut up. Even if the event is costing you thousands of dollars.

Why would a bride want their friends to look like shit, other than the obvious reason of making sure that no one else takes away from her on the day? Horrific. I'm so glad that my Sarahs are so awesome.

Anyway, here's what I gots:
This dress by David Meister looks red, but the colour is called Melon because it totally looks melon-coloured in real life. It also looks somewhat boring on the scary mutant mannequin, whereas I'd like to think that it looks somewhat awesome on me.

Here are the shoes, from Aldo:

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Trish said...

This dress/shoe combo is spectacular, missy. If I may share a bridesmaidly fashion experience: So we had dresses made of matching fabric (satin-lined crepe) but could choose our own pattern. The dressmaker made THE WRONG PATTERN from the Vogue or Simplicity or Whatever-Brand package I gave her, and I ended up in the skin-tightest b-maid dress ever. I was a hussy! If you want to borrow it to wear for one of the other Sarahs, you totally can.