June 26, 2008

Even if you can only sew a little bit

I've been an advocate of re-buttoning clothing for years now. It's so simple and cheap, and it can take a garment from looking mass-constructed to one-of-a-kind. And it makes me feel that my clothing is really mine - that it's an expression of myself, a personal piece. 

I was reading the wonderful blog The Sunday Best, and was happy to see that Thomas is an advocate of this practice as well.

Here are some lovelies that I found this morning.

The first are hand-covered "Klimt" buttons. So much Klimt lately! And there's a wonderful spread on Klimt-inspired textiles and pieces in this month's British Vogue.

Hand-covered Koi Carp buttons. I love these and I may have to get them for some yet-undetermined project. 

These aren't really buttons, they're ponytail holders, but I now have a crush on both of these little ladies so I had to feature them

This is a weird one - a carved, hand-tinted bone mermaid button - but I lurve it. I used to have issues with mermaids (i.e., I sincerely thought I was one). There was once an occasion in Florida, where I sat on my grandparents' balcony overlooking the pool and actually shed tears because I wasn't a mermaid. Maybe this button would resolve some deep-seated issues? 

A sweet geometric, sure to make any shirt or dress way more better.

Klimt & Koi buttons: Shunklies, Matroyoshka ponytail holders: Creamrose, Vintage buttons: vintagebuttons.net

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tara said...

Hey great blog -- I found you through Jody's blog, a dude I went to university with! Small world!
Swing by my place if you've got some time -- it's fairly girly and gossipy but you didn't hear it from me.