June 23, 2008

O Canada.

So this is exciting: I've found a few really wonderful Canadian designers just in time for Canada Day, thanks to Zink magazine.

The first is Montreal-based Renata Morales, whose delicately folded and artfully expressed pieces have been deeply influenced by her practice as a painter. I wasn't able to post images from the '08 seasons, but here are some beautiful shots from '07 - that scream Klimt to me.

And I'm charmed by the work of Vancouver-based Pyrrha, by jewelers Wade Pepin and Danielle Wilmore. Their pieces are based on antique wax seals, and each hold a special meaning based on their symbolism. And they make things fer boys and girls. 

This one is Noah's Ark, and the seal reads Good times follow the rain:

And another lovely - sterling silver Cherub Seal Pendant, which reads L'espoire me reste dans l'orage.

(These two pendants are both under $200, although there are some fantastical pieces that are well, well above my price range.)

I will celebrate these creations while eating a jumbo hot dog on Canada Day next week. Although I suspect that two hot dogs would more appropriately mark the occasion.

Stay tuned for more; I haven't even finished reading the issue yet!

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