June 28, 2008

Crocodiles! Sailboats! Tiny Dressers!

I saw this girl on the subway yesterday, and I just love love the print on her dress. It reminds me of a favourite local designer, Virginia Johnson (if you live in Toronto and have quite a bit of extra money, visit her store on Ossington). A graduate of Parsons, she designed bags & shoes for Helmut Lang for a time. She has also illustrated a few books for Kate Spade. Her designs are simple, sweet and elegant.

Here's my prized Virginia Johnson giant tote bag that I won at a silent auction. It's huge, and people sometimes make fun of me for carrying it, but my love for it will not die.

The bag is sitting on top of a tiny doll dresser that Chris and I bought today for our place. We've named her Mary Shelley and her job is to hold our telephone. So far she's been outstanding.

Here's some more stuff from Virginia Johnson. A lovely tunic:

A scarf. Printed with crocodiles! It's expensive, but it's almost worth it.
Another scarf! Printed with tiny sailboats.
Which scarf do you like better? I can't decide. Halp!

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Tamron Lohan said...

ohh I LOVE virginia johnson! that bag is amazing! and i too am an ardent supporter of rebuttoning!