May 16, 2009


Met my mum this morning to check out the local Etsy Handmade Market at the Gladstone, then saw a few Contact shows, had some derlishis crepes (bacon, onion, goat cheese & balsamic) and then happened upon a little fabric sale marked by pink balloons.

Well, we totally lucked out. It seems that it was held at the studio of local designers Dagg & Stacey and the quality was amazing, with most fabrics priced at around $4/yard or about $5 a bunch. I could have done serious and earth-shattering damage, but I restrained myself and walked away with this bundle (easily over 12 yards of fabric) for just over $30, I think. Please ignore the wrinkles.

The fabric on top is the most beautiful bamboo (oooh!), and the funky brown fabric looks like this:

I don't yet know what it's destined to become, but I couldn't resist. Oh! and I had indulged for my birthday and ordered myself some of this amazing Nani Iro, which was finally delivered to me this week:

I think it'll be a dress one day. And I made my first baby kimono this week, using Heather Ross' book and fabric. Seahorses! This'll go to whichever of my friends' baby girl is born first. Good luck to all. (This also got squished in my bag today, hence: wrinkly).

Happy Saturday to you!

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ambika said...

Lucky you on the price of that fabric!