May 3, 2009

Birthday things.

My birthday was this week, and for the first time ever I didn't feel like making it too much of an event. Instead, it was filled with love, pretty dresses, flowers and vulgar amounts of food. 

Chris bought me this beautiful dress from Meg. It's a blue and white print of birds flocking. This is me posing with the pot of African Violets I stole from work. I should also mention that the Prairies de Paris shoes I'm wearing here are the most comfortable little things I've ever worn. 

We went to Colborne Lane for my birthday dinner, and tried the 10-course tasting menu. For some reason I thought I'd easily make it from beginning to end, but by course seven I realized how underprepared I had been. How does a person prepare for that kind of eating, anyway? Still, it wasn't like I could pass up the lavender donut, right (course 9)? So, after 4 hours of straight eating, I emerged victorious. And bloated.

I should also mention that I visited Toronto's first Anthropologie location, and though I'm still disappointed that it's here (I loved that it was always a special place that I could go to on vacation), it was great to be able to go for a short drive to the shop. And for some reason, the prices in the store were cheaper than the CDN prices listed on their website. Oh, how I hope that's just not a mistake!

Off to brunch! Enjoy the beautiful day!

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