May 3, 2009

Some new things I made.

I've made a few new dresses - some more successful than others - but I'm really happy with the fit of this dress I made. It's simple simple simple and I love the poppy fabric, and I also love that I didn't screw anything up to the extent that I have to make sure I'm always covering some area that's garbled or mangled.

This is the perfect little jacket that my mum bought me for my birthday. I feel like its something that I'll have forever.

Lately I've been trying to make more food at home, because we rely waaaay too much on take-out. I made this apple flan with a ready-made organic puff pastry dough, and served it for our family brunch this morning and there were no leftovers, which is a good sign. It's been so rewarding to make things from scratch, with my very own hands. It feels like a measurable accomplishment, which is important as it often feels like the work I make ends up floating in the ether. And also, flans taste way better than theatre.

Recipe here.

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