June 8, 2009

I went on a trip, then there have been some ups & downs.

I went on a trip - to my cousin's wedding in Charlotte NC - and then stayed on for a week and explored Charleston, Savannah, and a variety of beaches. It was lovely, and charming, and also somewhat complex; I always find that traveling through the beauty of the south makes me uncomfortable. It is, of course, difficult to separate the beauty from the ugliness that built much of it, it's shocking to see the segregation that still exists, and I've often found that the way locals deal with their history is varying and at times disturbing. Anyway, it was a great time, and I do appreciate the beauty of the complexity I encountered.

Photos! (My photos turned out shittily. I'm still a bit depressed. Anyway, here are some of my favourites).

When we got back, we had a few family sadnesses, including a beautiful baby that needs lots of love and special thoughts right now. Luckily, he has some amazingly strong parents. So I spent the weekend making a special crib quilt for him, courtesy of this tutorial. (I forgot to photograph it, but I made one for another new creature.)

I wish I could do more for this little one. My mind has been a bit wrapped up in thinking about him. 

Okay, off to work on other projects. Good night, everyone.

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