April 10, 2008

Welcome Back!

Sea-horses are super-cool.

I heard on the CBC this morning that the Thames is now clean enough to have welcomed sea-horses (and other creatures) back into its waters. Welcome back, sweet sea-horse!

In honour of this news, I've put together a few cute tidbits for celebration's sake.

You can also find quite a few sea-horse specimens preserved and made into pendants, but I declare that to be weird.

Sea-horse Love Card by foxyandwinston, Sea-horse Note Cards by piggyback, 24K Gold Sea-horse Necklace by soularwave, Tank top by Old Navy, apparently.


shellbell said...

ehn! i love seahorses too. i have this awesome pin i got from the art in the park exhibition at trinity bellwoods - it has a seahorse on it. yay!

J. said...