April 3, 2008

Mission Accomplished?

Ashley Rowe, Toronto-based designer for Miss Rowe, has been lauded for her all-white, perfectly executed debut SS08 collection. But I question whether she achieved one of her ultimate goals. According to Inside Fashion (Nov 07): "All white was all right for Miss Rowe, designed by former Holt Renfrew staffer Ashley Rowe - in fact, it was the lack of a high-quality, fashion forward yet affordable blouse for her HR interview that lead to the line's creation."

Miss Rowe offers us the following blouse for a steal at $450.

I understand that fashion can be expensive, but it irks me when something is framed as being highly affordable when it's not. Especially when said thing is a white shirt.


Jody said...

Can I add to that my disdain for the phrase "fashion forward" in general, but especially when tied to a white shirt? At this point fashion is essentially about reinventing old trends, so why don't we all stop kidding ourselves? Also: What the hell is with the rise in those white pants???

shira said...

I know. The rise in the pants gave me nightmares, for reals.