July 7, 2010

To The Market!

There's a lovely little farmer's market just around the corner every Tuesday. And before this summer, I'd only been once. Shame! So I've committed myself to trying to buy groceries there every week, if I can. My sister and I made it out last week (and again, yesterday), and of course I documented the event.

Lavender from Niagara. And my sister.

There are two very smart guys who have set up a fry booth. They double-fry the organic potatoes, then toss them in sea salt and thyme. And then the smell wafts, and people come.

People like me. Let's just say it was worth the extra dose of insulin.

I took home a bunch of lavender and put it in some of small bottles that we've collected. I hung a few of them up on the wall beside our desk, dangling from a bit of baker's twine.

It smells pretty nice, which helps me concentrate when I'm writing grant applications.

Another item: I got a bit obsessed with red pants when we were in France, but I can't really go out and buy much right now. So I made a visit to the Double Take and found two pairs for $5 (success!). I took the first pair out for a walk, with some of my sweet honeymoon purchases: a navy top from Claudie Pierlot and sweet sandals from Camper.

After catching a show at the Fringe, we may or may not have ended the night eating ribs and corn that we bought off of Church Street during Pride. They may or may not have been delicious.

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Coriander Girl said...

Lavender in tiny bottles mounted on the wall with bakers twine, you are my hero.