April 10, 2009

Oh no, I've been away for so long.

It has been a while. It's strange, but there's a certain sense of blog-related guilt that I feel when I don't write. But there have been many new and wonderful happenings since January that have delayed my writing. So let's see, what's been going on?

1. I got engaged! This is really joyful news for me. We've been really busy sorting out details now rather than later, so that we can now relax, and do fun things like making paper flowers and invitations.

2. I've been sewing like mad. I have some pictures, so I'll post them soooon. Lately I've been making baby bags, as everyone I know seems to be expecting.

3. There have been lots and lots of little projects. A piece of mine was selected for a juried arts fest called Escarpment: On the Edge, which runs in St. Catharines from April 22 to July 24. I'll also be performing an excerpt in a new piece written by a most talented writer friend in the In The Soil Festival.

Okay, so at least there's a little bit of news there, right? And more to come, promise.

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