April 18, 2009

Me + Valentino, together at last.

It's been a beautiful day here, and we started the morning with a deliciously vulgar breakfast at Oddfellows. We sat outside and watched the baby parade and tried the "Breakfast for Two", which consists of spiced potatoes, eggs, tomatoes, asparagus, a pile of meat, all baked in a black clay vessel, with toast and homemade jam on the side . 

Yes, that is asparagus wrapped in a ribbon of bacon. And yes, it was really good.

I then convinced Chris to join me on a trip to Value Village, where I made what I believe to be a tremendous score: a navy wool Valentino dress for $9.99. Basically, nothing else that happens today really matters. This will always be The Day I Found The Valentino Dress.

Me, modelling said dress. 

Okay, off to a reading! Have a great Saturday night!

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ambika said...

It looks great. & really love the coat.