December 1, 2008

Some new pictures.

I developed some new pictures from a little jaunt we took a few weekends ago and I'm quite please by the results. So I'm sharing them. With you!

We spent a Sunday morning at Balls Falls, which is a most beautiful badly-named place. You can walk right out on to the top of the falls, and if you take a little hike from there, you meet some horses frolicking.

This is from a nearly-demolished old church. It's being torn down to make room for some more condos. Yay!

I took this a while ago. Beautiful sweets from The Red Tea Box.

More trees in Vineland.

I'll be posting soon about my new best friends, which happen to be a pair of Dries Van Noten shoes I scored. Uh-huh.


ambika said...

No kidding on the name. These are fantastic; were they taken with a Holga?

shira said...

Thanks! They were taken on a little Diana. I've never been much of a techie photographer - I love the 'whatever happens' spirit of the toy cameras.