November 25, 2008

My cheap little necklace is a bit of a star.

Months and months ago I bought this crafty necklace for about $9 at Forever 21. Shopping at Forever 21 is always in the moderate - high zone of painful for me. So much snottiness! and so little fabric! Certainly not enough fabric to cover my important places. But I can deal with their jewelry selection.

Anyway, I've really enjoyed this little necklace, and I was happy to see a similar sort of spirit on the cover of British Vogue during the summer, no doubt an inspiration for my piece:

Then - then! - just last week I spotted the exact, down to the very same bead, necklace on Anthropologie's site. For $48.50. Getting a deal is so satisfying, especially on something that I really like. The end!

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ambika said...

It's funny how things go in circles like that. I realized the other day that my boots are a knock off of a Loeffler Randall design--not hard to do, since they're pretty basic but still, it's not as if Steve Madden is known for originality.

Pretty, interesting necklace, btw.