September 5, 2008

Fall Shoes.

I'm looking forward to getting reacquainted with some of my fall shoes, and I thought I'd share some of my loves.

Here's a pair that I acquired thanks to my mother, who plucked them up after they were discarded from a photo shoot. I've realized that I have all sorts of colourful shoes with baubles and designs on them, but I haven't had a pair of simple black heels, so these are a welcome addition.

These make every outfit look cooler, and they make me walk all sexy-like just based on where the heel is placed. It's hard to explain.

The most comfortable and awesome 3.5 inch heels ever.

Blue patent jazz shoes. Why not?

And here are some beads I may sport with the heels.

I've been sewing away and have made 2 lovely but poorly constructed dresses, which I'll post when Chris gets home and takes pictures of me.


zoe said...

I LOVE these photos! And of course the shoes as well. Love love the blue patent leather jazz shoes. Perfect.

ebayfashionaddict said...

I thing I'm in love with every shoe and dress you own!