August 18, 2008

I made a top.

Here's my 4-hour top! I'm pretty happy with it. The fabric was on a pseudo-Missoni-fabric rack, and I think I'm going to name the top Miphony. Here's me wearing it and swirling in the park, just before a delicious 100% deep-fried dinner at Oyster Boy:

That evening was followed by Sarah #2's colourful wedding. She wore three outfits (!) with unbelievable jewelry, but I had forgotten my camera. Sarah told me that it's traditional for the groom's mother to give the bride a gift of 11 full outfits, and she had boxes and boxes of the most elaborate earrings and necklaces to choose from for the event. She also spent 10 hours waiting for her hands and feet to dry after the mendhi, and her hands looked remarkable - especially when you'd catch a glimpse of her from afar. She looked like a carved doll:

I should note that their wedding bands were made with wood from an olive tree. Very unique, as you can see from the photo.

But I have to admit that my favourite thing about the wedding was the poutine station, complete with different fries to choose from, duck and beef, cheeses and gravies. I don't think anything says eternal happiness like poutine.

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