September 12, 2008

A few good Spanish things on this lovely Friday.

Oh, I've been meaning to share this for a while, but I've been forgetful. I came upon this new project for Plaza del Torico in Teruel Spain by b720 Arquitectos in Architectural Record. The architects embedded the plaza with LEDs, and I think that the outcome truly enlivens the historical plaza, modernizing it without obscuring its original charm. Spain seems to understand whimsy in architecture; they are less serious about the art of building. And though I've only been there once, the modern architecture made each city and town feel fun, and like an adventure. I love adventures!

I've also started reading this book, which I bought a few years ago and have just gotten around to. The thing is, it's really heavy, but it's so good that I have to carry it around with me everywhere. I am including it as part of my fitness plan.

Robert Hughes is an acclaimed art writer, and this tome is critical, contextual and personal. It's also very beautiful; the book is sprinkled throughout with wonderfully reproduced colour images.

And also, if I were going to spend $300 on shoes right now, which I can assure you that I'm not, but if I were, I think I'd get these Chie Mihara sweets. I love heels, but I walk a lot and don't have many shoes that are practical with just a hint o' heel. These would be perfect. And I love love the colour. And the soles are rubberized.

This afternoon I'll be trekking to the National Ballet School (which is a block away) to look in their shop with Sarah. We will discuss Why Ballet Clothing Is Always Awesome And Desirable. She may buy a sweater.

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ambika said...

Chie Mihara's shoes are the best. Hands down.