July 4, 2008

The power went out so I went thrifting.

I actually went to the charity thrift shops, which require infinitely more patience and less cash. There's one in the area that can turn up some pretty good finds once in a while, even though it's at one of the sketchiest intersections in the city. I had an interesting conversation with a lady who clearly hadn't had teeth for years, and then with a man who called himself "Bum". He even gave me his number, so I have proof.

I tried on this blah jacket by DKNY for $3:

I loved the print of this blouse, but the cut was tragic ($3):

Mirabelli vest, which wouldn't quite button over the boobs ($3):

I ended up loving this floral dress ($3.50) and woven belt ($1), which I've worn here a few different ways:

Yes! those are tiny pairs on the top:

And I also got a tiny french horn pin ($1). Because I desperately felt that it had been missing from my life:
Yellow shoes: Aldo, Nude shoes: Te Casan, Vest: One Girl Who, Cardigan: One Girl Who, Pear top: thrifted.

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