July 6, 2008

Fruit picking.

I took my new french horn pin out for a day in the sun, to our annual cherry picking day trip.

Cherry picking is basically the best fruit picking ever, because you're in the shade, there's no strain to reach the fruit, and because cherries are awesome. I think I ate 60 before I'd even filled my basket half-way.

We then went to the beach, and then to dinner in the most depressing town in Ontario: Niagara Falls.

Dress: Bedo, Sweater: H&M, Belt & Pin: Thrifted


Anonymous said...

What is so depressing about Niagara Falls? It's a very happy place; they have a Planet Hollywood!

Mike McPh

shira said...

And there was even live folk music at the Planet Hollywood, if I'm not mistaken. And also there was a giant Dracula eating a Burger King Burger, on top of the Burger King. The thing about Niagara Falls for me is that it always starts out funny and then I end up having a panic attack because I can feel the sadness of the world so profoundly.

But maybe I'm wrong, Windsor is depressing from first to last.