July 21, 2008

I totally made this, part two.

Here's the puffball of a skirt that I finished making yesterday - my first item of clothing! It's made from a bright reddish linen.

There are so many ways to wear this puff, but today I felt it looked crisp with this geometric cardigan. I think I'm going to make another skirt in a pattern (I have a beautiful linen/silk mix in mind), a bit higher-waisted and with pockets. This skirt would be just about perfect for me with pockets.

And here I am, tending to my beloved basil.

I can't express how happy I am to have this new skill. I have so many ideas for garments that I really think I can make. I can barely think about anything else right now...

Cardigan: J Crew, Tank top: UO

1 comment:

lisa said...

awesome! now you can credit yourself for your fancy outfits. If you ever want to borrow my Singer, you just let me know.