November 19, 2009

Le Butter Dish.

What's with butter dishes being so awesome lately? I mean seriously:

Peanut butter dish & Crown butter dish by Rae Dunn. Delightful.

Cow butter dish.
Whale butter dish by Jonathan Adler. This would be mine if it weren't $70. Which is too much for a butter dish. At this point in my life.

The winner! Thanks Anthropologie, you always come through for me.

And I actually need one of these things in my life. The plate with a smoosh of warm butter on it is no longer pleasing me. The little bits of bread left over in the butter are pretty great, though.


Erimentha said...

hahaha ah! the art of butter dishes! CUTE

ms Givens said...

The butter dish is awesome! Too bad its not 15.00 instead of 70.00.

cupcake♥trash said...

That whale dish is awesome! I love it!

Aury said...

I must get a peanut butter dish. It is after all my favorite food in the WORLD.
Great post!

Coriander Girl said...

I have Adler's bird salt and pepper shakers but we're not allowed to put salt and pepper in them because they're too special.