November 16, 2009

Arts & Science.

Here's what looks like an amazing & perfectly curated store (for boys and girls!) , called Arts & Science. Hey, I like arts! And science!

Here are photos of the stores, which are in Japan, from what I can tell. 

Shoes & Accessories:

Men's store:

What looks like an apothecary:
And here are some amazing things I found on their website. I don't know how you can buy any of these things, but I'm happy just to swoon for now.


Men's manicure set:

I have a feeling that I'd be pretty happy living in the store. Or maybe having it as my winter home, with Anthropologie as my summer vacation spot. I still have to work out some of the details.


Aury said...

OMG! Its like you know me! I so want to move into Anthropologie. I wonder if they sublet...

Mens Checked Shirt said...

This is an impressive shop, I love it, and could see my wardrobe layout this way, my shirts and trousers!