July 13, 2009

My Art and Other People's Art.

It's been the busiest of all summers, but I'm hoping there will still be time left over for jumping in lakes and stuff. Oh! I did go to the drive-in in Port Hope one night, which has so many vintage summer points that I think it counts for 2  full weekends.

Anyway, I've been working on lots of projects, including this little thing that opens tomorrow night at the Rivoli. If you're looking for something to do, swing by after 7 for art and drinks!

This little exhibition is part of an ongoing project called f11. Anyway, after we installed it yesterday, I dropped by the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. I'm always hoping that I'll see at least one thing that gets me going. There was a lot of interesting stuff, but I'm still thinking about Amanda McCavour's work. Holy shit. So good. 

She makes drawings out of thread, on water-soluble fabric and then suspends the pieces with straight pins so they look like they're floating. I loved her cloud pieces, but I couldn't find any images on the web to share, but the above is pretty darn impressive. Also: she was really nice. 

She'll be showing more work at the Lonsdale Gallery in August. 

Hope you're having a wonderful sunny day.

1 comment:

J. said...

That's pretty awesome.
I want one of those arms.
The one on the left.