January 11, 2012

Here are some assorted images from the past month. It's a bit of a hodge-podge. Just like my month!

Invitations I made for my cousin's wedding in mid-December. We used the toile on the chairs at Auberge du Pommier as the inspiration.

A little friend I made for a special one-year old's birthday next week.

Some of the jewelry I find myself wearing over and over again, including my grandmother's vintage clip-ons. She can't stand the idea of pierced ears; she gets a bit sick even watching someone else put earrings in!

The wonderful Michael Pollan/Maira Kalman book I got for the holidays...

...along with some chocolate: British Planets and local artisan chocolates.

My mom's truly beautiful pottery. Aren't they gorgeous? I can't stop looking at them. I even put them in front of the television. Chris was not pleased.

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