July 22, 2011

The new issue of WeddingBells is out now and I have a little bit of work featured in the magazine (top left). I'm really pleased with how it turned out!

My wee sis got married last weekend on one of the hottest days of the summer. She looked so beautiful despite the massive dress in the scorching heat. She's on her honeymoon now in New York. I hope she's holding up!

I made a few things for her wedding, including my first ever try at a ketubah. (I was so relieved when the Rabbi told me it was all correct. Phew! I don't remember any Hebrew from my Hebrew school days except mother, father and pencil.) I decided to go for soft colours, with some flowers that I know my sister loves, as well as a big fruit tree. I found some inspiration from some old William Morris prints and some Klimt paintings.

What are you doing this weekend? I'm hoping to check out the Toronto Night Market tonight, if it doesn't rain. Delicious.

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