March 11, 2011

First foray into quilting.

You guys, I was finally brave enough to make my first bit of real patchwork quilting. It was easy, rewarding and somewhat addictive. I made one little square using this tutorial. And then I whipped it into a simple tote for a sweet friend's birthday. I think I like it a lot!

In other news: so much has been happening! Our film is playing next week in Toronto and then in Cleveland and then in Dawson City. And we'll be shooting the next film in the coming two months or so. Harbourfront's HATCH program starts this week (go and see Passages if you're in Toronto this weekend!). I got another lovely shout-out from Roseanne over at Wedding Bells Magazine. And there are so many more things to share with you in the coming weeks. Once they're more solidified, you know?

Oh! One last thing to share. I'm really looking forward to this event, happening on April 3rd here in Toronto. It's an important event, I think. Especially given the relentless news of this kind over the last few weeks. Ugly stuff.

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