November 2, 2010

A few nice things for a lovely November day.

* A little glimpse of some work I'm doing for a client.
* A baby quilt I made for a special (pregnant) friend. Ready to send off!
* Forelle pears. Yum. 
* Just about the prettiest tea packaging I've seen. From Clipper UK. Tastes wonderful too!
* New Books! And they're fantastic. Rebecca Solnit's Storming the Gates of Paradise, Maira Kalman's And the Pursuit of Happiness and Bruce Mau & friends The Third Teacher.

We started reading And the Pursuit of Happiness last night. It's so delightful and moving. And we saw Bruce Mau speak last week and were compelled to buy this book afterwards.

* Dinner last night. The un-healthiest salad ever, with a side of zucchini. My specialty.

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