January 28, 2010

Bathing Suits, of course.

So, Swimsuits!

Anthropologie, of course.

Yeah, I know it's c-c-cold, but look how pretty! So pretty. And the thing is, I'm going to the South of France in officially less than four months, so can you blame me for looking?

Last year I looked high and low for retro style swimsuits. And now they're everywhere! And there's polka-dots! And gingham!

More from Anthropologie:

I love the colour and print on this one, but the bottoms wouldn't really suit me, I fear:

And some equally flattering cuts from J. Crew, also available in other colours.
I can't wait for beach-time! Also, You should see my sunhat. It's ridiculous.


毛衣 said...

may the blessing be always with you!!........................................

Coriander Girl said...

Why didn't I know this blog existed?! I've been so caught up in your wedding that I forgot to creep all up on your personal life! I must have found a window?! Hi Shira. xo P.S Love the suits!