September 7, 2009

I get chest pain in bookstores sometimes.

I finally finally had the opportunity to visit Swipe Books this weekend, which I've been meaning to do for ages but they're closed on Sundays, and I kept forgetting that, which sucks. It's pretty great. I can measure the goodness of a bookstore based on how quickly I get chest pain, and I'd say this time it was right around the 2 minute mark, which is impressive. In fact, I was so overwhelmed that we had to leave Built, the architecture bookstore just down the hall, for another day. I can't wait!

I picked up Maira Kalman's book The Principles of Uncertainty after having loved her blog for a while now. Oh, it's so wonderful. You should get it. Unsure? Take a look at her blog here. That's what I thought you'd think.

(Oh okay, here's an excerpt from Paris).

Another wonderful thing that happened was the spontaneous purchase of this model hot air balloon, seen here in the forest during an outing we took yesterday, but which will take up permanent residence above our filing cabinet. Of course.

I hope you're having a wonderful long weekend!

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Coriander Girl said...

That book was given to me by a very dear friend and it is one of my favorites! I love your blog lady!