March 20, 2008

Old Man Style.

When I originally thought about starting one of these puppies, I really wanted to explore the rich world of old man fashion and what makes it so deliriously awesome. I have since decided that a.) that's a bit of a narrow subject in which to write about and b.) it might be a wee bit weird, but I would like to begin my adventures with a tip of my hat to charming old men, and the wonderful things that they wear.

I think this particular obsession of mine lives somewhere in my unhealthy romance with nostalgia. But it's also that I'm impressed by the simple elegance of the old man. How he may have nowhere in particular to go, but it's still important for him to look smart. He takes great pride in being well put together; it's not an embarrassment to him to enjoy a beautiful suit or a pink shirt. I guess I miss this in folks that are my own age.

Anyway, I'm planning to interview some old men about their style and to feature them from time to time as a sort of inspiration.

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